First Time at Toastmasters Meeting? These are Usual

Embarking on your first Toastmasters meeting may feel like stepping into uncharted territory, but rest assured, it’s a journey towards self-improvement and skill enhancement. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at your inaugural Toastmasters gathering.

Expectations at First Time at Toastmasters Meeting

1. Warm Welcome and Introduction:

  • As you enter the Toastmasters meeting, expect a warm welcome, whether in person or online. A woman may be at the center, guiding the session. You’ll be introduced to the community, making that initial step less intimidating.

2. Clapping Culture:

  • Get ready for lots of clapping! Toastmasters applaud various moments, from welcoming speakers to expressing gratitude after a speech. While your hands may tire, know that some of that applause will soon be directed at you.

3. Introduction Opportunity:

  • Even on your first visit, you’ll get a chance to speak. The Club President will invite you to introduce yourself briefly. It’s a low-pressure opportunity to share your name, why you joined Toastmasters, and how you found the club.

4. Meeting Structure Overview:

  • The Club President will make announcements, and the Toastmaster of the Day will take charge, explaining the agenda and introducing speakers and evaluators. This provides a structured overview of how the meeting will unfold.

5. Speeches and Learning Objectives:

  • Prepare to hear a variety of speeches, each crafted to meet specific learning objectives from the Toastmasters education program, known as Pathways. Projects start small and gradually introduce new skills, ensuring a progressive learning experience.

6. Speech Evaluation:

  • Following each speech, expect a constructive evaluation. The speech evaluator will provide feedback on strengths and areas for improvement, offering valuable insights for the speaker’s growth.

7. Table Topics – Impromptu Speaking:

  • One of the most exciting segments is Table Topics, where impromptu speaking skills are honed. You’ll witness participants thinking on their feet, and you’ll have the opportunity to join in, sharing your thoughts for one to two minutes.

8. Positive and Supportive Atmosphere:

  • The meeting fosters an inspirational atmosphere where members support each other’s growth. Even if you feel half-mortified after your first speech, the positive environment will leave you half-ecstatically proud.

9. Reflection and Feedback:

  • At the end of the meeting, you may be asked for your thoughts. Reflect on the clockwork agenda, the talented members, and the inspiring atmosphere. If you’re impressed, you might even be ready to sign up on the spot.

10. Options and Persistence:

  • If, for any reason, you’re not ready to commit after the first meeting, don’t worry. Toastmasters has a vast network of clubs worldwide. If one doesn’t fit, try another until you find the right fit. Persistence is key in finding the club that aligns with your goals and vibe.


Embrace the journey. As you progress through the Pathways program, you’ll gain confidence, eloquence, and style. What initially seemed daunting will become a source of pride. Your Toastmasters experience will be a transformative journey, and that first step will lead to an invaluable skill set and a supportive community.

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