Marico Bangladesh Toastmasters Club: All You Need to Know

In a world where adaptability and effective communication skills have taken the center stage, Marico Bangladesh Limited has made a bold move to foster personal and professional development within their organization. They have partnered with the renowned global organization, Toastmasters International, to establish the Marico Bangladesh Toastmasters Club. This initiative is not only groundbreaking in the Bangladeshi corporate landscape but is also a testament to Marico’s unwavering commitment to the growth and development of their employees.

A Visionary Response to Changing Times

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the way businesses operate, emphasizing the need for professionals to excel in remote work environments and develop essential leadership and soft skills. With remote work becoming the new norm, the ability to communicate effectively, lead teams, and think critically has never been more vital. Marico Bangladesh recognized this need and took a visionary step by introducing the Marico Bangladesh Toastmasters Club.

The First of Its Kind in Bangladesh

Marico Bangladesh Toastmasters Club stands out as the first company-sponsored corporate Toastmasters club in Bangladesh and an unprecedented venture in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector of the country. This distinction underscores Marico’s commitment to creating a conducive learning environment for its employees.

Toastmasters International: The Powerhouse of Professional Development

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that boasts a membership of over 352,000 individuals spread across 16,400 clubs in 143 countries. The organization’s core mission is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Many globally recognized companies, including Fortune 500 giants like Apple, Disney, Google, Boeing, and Toyota, have their own Toastmasters clubs.

Marico Bangladesh’s collaboration with Toastmasters International not only aligns with global best practices in professional development but also catapults the company into an elite league of businesses committed to enhancing their employees’ communication and leadership skills.

Fostering Personal and Professional Growth

The Marico Bangladesh Toastmasters Club provides Marico employees with a unique platform to hone their leadership, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. This initiative’s focus on experiential learning in a social setting is expected to have a profound impact on the growth and development of Marico’s workforce.

Md Altaf Hossain, Territory Manager and Vice President of the club, expressed his belief in Toastmasters International as a “game-changer platform” that will enable members to develop life-long skills comfortably. This is a testament to the commitment of Marico’s leadership to their employees’ professional growth.

A Testament to Marico’s Commitment

Ashish Mane, HR Director of Marico Bangladesh, stated that the best way to ensure professional learning and development of employees is by providing inclusive upskilling opportunities. Toastmasters International affiliation is seen as one such avenue to empower Marico employees to deliver positive results.

Mehedi Hossain, acting advisor and Vice President – Education of the club, emphasized the significance of having a corporate Toastmasters club in the FMCG sector in Bangladesh, highlighting Marico’s commitment to continuous learning even in times of crisis.

Embracing Digital Learning

In addition to establishing the Toastmasters Club, Marico Bangladesh has adopted various social and digital learning initiatives such as the Inspire Leadership Series and the Blink learning app. These initiatives are designed to enable employees to grow and learn collaboratively, even during times of social distancing. This holistic approach to professional development is a reflection of Marico’s forward-thinking strategy.

Nurturing Future Leaders

Humaira Afreen, AGM-HR at Marico, emphasized the paramount importance of leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills in keeping pace with the evolving workspace. The partnership with Toastmasters International provides Marico employees with the right experience and platform to nurture these essential skills.


The establishment of the Marico Bangladesh Toastmasters Club is a significant milestone in the realm of professional development in Bangladesh. It showcases Marico’s dedication to enhancing the skills and capabilities of their employees in a rapidly changing business environment. Through this partnership with Toastmasters International, Marico Bangladesh has not only created a unique avenue for personal and professional growth but has also set a compelling example for other companies in the region to follow. The club represents a remarkable investment in human capital, ensuring that Marico’s employees are well-equipped to succeed in the ever-evolving world of business.

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