English Language Club, Bangladesh Bank-ELC, BB

In the heart of Bangladesh Bank, every Monday dawns with a unique promise. It’s not just another day of the week; it’s a day when minds ignite, ideas flourish, and voices resonate with purpose. It’s ELC’s run day, where learning, sharing, and growth converge to create a remarkable journey.

English Language Club, Bangladesh Bank might be a platform of investment in yourself to reap the best out of the TIME invested. Let us restart the Journey with fresh energy, passion, and innovation.

All about English Language Club, BB

Let’s explore all about ELC, BB in a poetic manner and the explanations that follow:

“When it is Monday”

When it is Monday, not just a fun day,
When it is Monday, ELC’s run day.
At BB Library minds bloom and play,
Learn, Share, Grow is the tagline we convey,
Learning and growing in every way,
With words, we paint and create a display,
Oratory, career, communication, and speaking, are our forte.
A community where words light the way,
With each session, we brighten the day.
Join us and let your voice have its say,
Why doubt, let’s make each Monday a remarkable Day.

ELC’s run day is not just a routine; it’s a chance to delve into the world of language, knowledge, and personal development. The BB Head Office Library becomes a hub where minds come alive to bloom and play. Every week, as the BB Library’s doors open, minds are set free to explore, question, and excel.

Words become our tools, our brushes, and our canvases. With words, we paint pictures, create vivid displays of knowledge, and articulate our ideas. Oratory becomes our strength, and our career paths are illuminated. Speaking is our forte, and it’s a skill that we nurture and hone. ELC members excel in oratory, making them effective communicators in their careers.

ELC is not just a club; it’s a community where words illuminate the path to success. With every session, we ignite curiosity, kindle the flames of knowledge, and brighten our Mondays. It’s a space where like-minded individuals gather to make each day more enlightening and fulfilling.

We extend an open invitation to join us and be a part of this remarkable journey. Your voice matters, and at ELC, it has the platform to be heard. With the power of collective effort, we transform ordinary Mondays into remarkable days.

Together, we’ll make each Monday a remarkable day, filled with learning, sharing, and growth. Join us at the Library of Bangladesh Bank, where Mondays are transformed into opportunities for personal and professional enrichment.

Membership and Participation:

To be a part of ELC, it is mandatory to be a BB employee. The club is a democratic space where everyone’s voice and contribution are valued. The is membership with a nominal fee that helps with some basic expenses.

At present, ELC is running only in the head office with plans to expand to all offices soon.

The impact of ELC on professional development within Bangladesh Bank is significant. It fosters a culture of learning, career growth, and effective communication, enhancing the skills and capabilities of its members.

History of ELC, BB

ELC Started its Journey on 8th September 2004 as a Brainchild of Mr. Delwar Hossain Khan Rajib. The 9-member Committee was formed and headed by Mr. Abdul Mazid Chowdhury as a convenor.

Formal Activities started on 28th April 2005 with the Slogan “We wanna speak in English, Nothing Gonna change our mind”


  • 21 members Executive Committee, and
  • 3 members Advisory Committee

First President:

Ms. Lila Bilkis Ara, the then GM (Now Director general IBB)

First Advisory Committee:

  1. Mr.Abdul Wadud, the then-GM
  2. Mr. Sawpan Kumar Roy, the then-GM
  3. Mr. Kazi Rafiqul Hassan, the then DGM (now Executive Director)

Existing Committee of ELC

  • President-Mr. Shakil Ezaz, Additional Director, BB, and a renowned Toastmaster
  • General Secretary-Md Nazrul Islam, Additional Director, BB, and a renowned Toastmaster

Why ELC at Bangladesh Bank?

The English Language Club (ELC) at Bangladesh Bank is far more than a casual gathering. Its primary objective is to serve as a catalyst for improving English language proficiency, fostering career development, and enhancing effective communication. The club recognizes that English fluency is essential in the global context, and it’s on a mission to empower its members with the right skills.

The benefits of being a part of ELC are abundant. Members not only enhance their English language abilities but also experience remarkable growth in their careers and improved communication skills. ELC is where a journey begins, and each session propels members forward, shaping their futures.

Joining a Language, Career, Public Speaking, and Communication Club like ELC at Bangladesh Bank (BB) offers numerous benefits. Here are compelling reasons to become a part of this club:

  1. To Enhance Communication Skills: ELC provides a structured environment for improving your communication skills. Whether it’s public speaking, effective writing, or honing your presentation abilities, ELC equips you with the tools you need to excel in your career.
  2. To Boost Career Development: Effective communication is a cornerstone of career success. ELC offers workshops and resources that help you advance in your profession, including resume building, interview preparation, and leadership development.
  3. To Avail Networking Opportunities: Joining ELC at BB allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about improving their language and communication skills. Networking within the club can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.
  4. To Learn and Share Knowledge: ELC is a hub of learning and knowledge sharing. Regular and special knowledge-sharing sessions and discussions cover a wide range of topics, keeping you informed about the latest trends, policies, and best practices in your field.
  5. To Build Confidence: Public speaking and communication can be intimidating, but ELC provides a supportive environment for you to practice and build confidence. Overcoming the fear of public speaking can significantly boost your self-assurance.
  6. To Gaini Exposure to International Best Practices: In the global context, proficiency in English and effective communication is essential. ELC can expose you to international best practices in language and communication, helping you remain relevant on the global stage.
  7. To Strengthen Leadership Skills: Effective leaders are often excellent communicators. ELC helps you develop leadership skills, from managing teams to making strategic decisions, by enhancing your ability to convey your vision and inspire others.
  8. To Access to Resources: ELC often has access to resources and tools that can aid your language and career development. From libraries to online resources, the club can provide valuable assets for your growth.
  9. To be Updated in Policy, Regulations, and Best Practices: The financial world is a dynamic landscape, with policies and regulations constantly evolving. ELC ensures that Bangladesh Bank officials remain well-informed and aligned with international best practices. It offers a platform to discuss and implement the latest policies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. For those at Bangladesh Bank, ELC can be a platform to engage in discussions about critical policy issues. Your input can impact policy decisions and lead to positive changes within the organization.
  10. For Personal Growth: Joining ELC is not just about professional development; it’s an opportunity for personal growth. Improved communication skills, career advancement, and networking can lead to a more fulfilling and well-rounded life.
  11. For External Communications – Global Linkage: Bangladesh Bank plays a pivotal role in the nation’s financial stability and international relations. Its officials are global ambassadors of economic and financial wisdom. ELC acts as a bridge, honing their communication skills and fostering global linkages. Recent performances of BB officials on the global stage exemplify the impact of effective communication and professional development.
  12. To Research on Multi-language and Creativity of an Individual: In an interconnected world, multilingual abilities are invaluable. ELC recognizes this and conducts research on multi-language proficiency and creativity. The club provides opportunities for individuals to unlock their linguistic potential, fostering a workforce that can engage with a broader audience.

In summary, joining ELC at Bangladesh Bank offers a comprehensive package of personal and professional development. Whether you’re looking to advance in your career, boost your communication skills, or contribute to policy discussions, this club is a valuable avenue for growth and self-improvement.

What does ELC do?

The English Language Club (ELC) at Bangladesh Bank is more than just a weekly gathering; it’s a dynamic platform designed to serve multiple purposes and foster personal and professional growth. ELC’s mission is to empower its members with essential skills, particularly in the realm of English language proficiency, communication, and career development. Here’s a closer look at what ELC does:

1. Sharing Knowledge in English: At the heart of ELC is the commitment to sharing knowledge in English. Members engage in discussions, workshops, and activities that revolve around a diverse range of topics. These sessions not only expand horizons but also provide the opportunity to practice and improve English language skills.

2. Developing Speaking Skills in English: ELC places a strong emphasis on developing speaking skills in English. Members engage in conversations and presentations, which enhance their fluency and confidence in communicating in English. Regular practice is key to becoming proficient speakers.

3. Developing Presentation Skills: The ability to deliver effective presentations is a valuable skill in the professional world. ELC provides a safe and encouraging environment for members to develop their presentation skills. Whether it’s explaining a topic or delivering a persuasive speech, members hone their ability to captivate an audience.

4. Developing Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital in both personal and professional spheres. ELC helps members develop essential communication skills, including active listening, articulation, and understanding non-verbal cues. These skills are invaluable for building strong interpersonal relationships.

5. Developing Career Skills: In the competitive world of banking and finance, career development is paramount. ELC offers a range of career-focused workshops and sessions to equip members with the knowledge and skills needed for career advancement. From interview preparation to leadership skills, ELC empowers its members to excel in their professional roles.

6. Awareness Building for the Development of English: ELC contributes to raising awareness about the importance of English language proficiency and its role in global communication. It fosters a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement among its members.

7. Arranging Special Talks/Basic English Skills Development Programs: ELC often hosts special talks and programs featuring guest speakers who share their expertise and experiences. Additionally, basic English skills development programs are conducted to ensure members have a strong foundation in the language.

8. Arranging Discussion Sessions (Q/A, Individual Opinions on Specific Issues): Discussion sessions are a regular feature of ELC meetings. These sessions provide a platform for members to engage in meaningful conversations, share their opinions on specific issues, and ask questions, fostering critical thinking and active participation.

9. International Standard In a befitting manner, ELC is being internally transformed and inherently rebranded into Toastmasters International (TI) style which is an International Club dedicated to Communication, Public Speaking, and Leadership skill development. Though it cannot be like TI exactly, but with some fringe or flavor of some state of the art.

Maintaining the rigorous formalities and rules of Toastmasters International, ELC provides a structured and highly effective platform for its members to develop exceptional public speaking, leadership, and communication skills.

Leaders as Mentors: The influence and leadership of individuals such as Mr. Shakil Ezaz and Mr. Md Nazrul Islam, who are prominent members and leaders within the Toastmasters Club, have played a crucial role in upholding these standards. Their experience and expertise enrich ELC’s activities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their oratory and leadership capabilities. This strong affiliation with Toastmasters International further solidifies ELC’s reputation as a premier club for individuals dedicated to mastering the art of public speaking and communication.

In summary, ELC is a comprehensive and holistic platform that empowers its members with a wide range of skills, from language proficiency and communication to career development and awareness building. The club’s commitment to continuous learning and growth makes it a valuable asset for employees of Bangladesh Bank seeking to excel both personally and professionally.

Future Plan of ELC

The English Language Club (ELC) at Bangladesh Bank is poised for an exciting future, with a vision of empowering its members through a range of skill development initiatives, knowledge management, and an enhanced publication platform. The future plans of ELC encompass the following key areas:

1. Skills Development:

ELC recognizes the paramount importance of skills development, particularly in the realms of language and communication. The club’s future plans include:

  • Speaking (Phonetics): ELC will focus on enhancing members’ speaking skills, including phonetics. Improving pronunciation and fluency will be a key goal.
  • Writing (Noting & Report): Writing is a crucial skill in the professional landscape. ELC will work on refining members’ abilities in noting and report writing, an essential skill within the financial sector.
  • Building Linkages: ELC aims to establish connections with renowned professional bodies such as the International Toastmasters Club and the British Council. These alliances will provide members with access to additional resources and opportunities for growth.

2. Development of Knowledge Management:

Knowledge management is integral to professional development. ELC’s future plans in this area comprise:

  • Focus on Recent Economic Issues: ELC recognizes that future leaders in the financial sector need a profound understanding of current economic issues. To that end, the club plans to organize regular discussions, seminars, and workshops focusing on the most pressing economic challenges and developments. By staying informed and engaged, members will be better prepared to lead in a rapidly changing economic landscape.
  • Departmental Orientation: Understanding the intricacies of each department within Bangladesh Bank is crucial for future leaders. ELC’s plan includes departmental orientation programs where members can gain in-depth knowledge of various departments, fostering a well-rounded perspective on the bank’s operations.
  • Knowledge Sharing: ELC envisions facilitating knowledge sharing not only within its departments but also across departments. This cross-pollination of ideas and expertise will foster a culture of continuous learning.
  • Paper Presentation/Special Talk/Workshop: To encourage in-depth exploration of subjects, ELC intends to organize paper presentations, special talks, and workshops. These platforms will invite experts to share insights and experiences.
  • Brainstorming Groups: The formation of departmental-level brainstorming groups will stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving. These groups will serve as incubators for innovation and fresh ideas.
  • Debates: Effective communication is a hallmark of leadership. ELC’s future leaders will participate in English debates to hone their public speaking, critical thinking, and persuasive communication skills. Debates will provide a platform for members to articulate their thoughts and opinions, enhancing their ability to lead discussions and teams effectively. ELC will host debates on various issues, extending beyond central banking to encompass broader topics.

3. Publications:

ELC’s future plans include a more robust publication platform that aims to disseminate knowledge and insights. These publications will serve as valuable resources for its members and beyond:

  • Annual Special Bulletin: ELC will produce an annual special bulletin, offering a comprehensive overview of the club’s activities, achievements, and contributions.
  • Online Monthly Bulletin: To ensure regular and timely communication, ELC will establish an online monthly bulletin. This dynamic resource will keep members informed about upcoming events, workshops, and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

In conclusion, ELC at Bangladesh Bank is poised for a future that is dedicated to the growth and empowerment of its members. Through skills development, knowledge management, and publications, ELC seeks to provide a comprehensive support system for its members to excel in the evolving professional landscape. These future plans reflect the club’s commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement, aligning with the ethos of Bangladesh Bank and the broader field of central banking.

Challenges of ELC

The English Language Club (ELC) at Bangladesh Bank (BB) is a commendable initiative aimed at enhancing language skills, fostering career development, and promoting effective communication among employees. However, this noble endeavor is not without its share of challenges.

1. BB Recognition of ELC Activities During Office Hours: One significant challenge is gaining recognition and support from the Bangladesh Bank for ELC activities during office hours. As employees, it can be demanding to balance regular work responsibilities with ELC sessions, especially when superiors might not fully understand the club’s value. Overcoming this challenge requires a concerted effort to communicate the positive impact of ELC activities on employee growth and the bank’s mission.

2. Minimum Fund to Run ELC, BB Activities Effectively: Effective operation and management of the ELC activities require a minimum fund. This challenge arises from the need to source and allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that workshops, sessions, and events can run smoothly. Navigating the financial constraints and securing necessary funding is crucial to sustaining ELC’s impactful activities.

3. Arrangement of Office Room for ELC, BB for Smooth Running: Another challenge is the availability of office space for ELC activities. Ensuring a dedicated, conducive space for ELC sessions can be a logistical hurdle. The club’s growth and effectiveness depend on having a designated area where members can gather comfortably for learning, sharing, and growth.

Addressing these challenges necessitates proactive advocacy for ELC’s importance within Bangladesh Bank, resource management, and working closely with BB authorities to secure necessary resources and dedicated spaces. By overcoming these obstacles, the ELC at Bangladesh Bank can continue to flourish, providing invaluable benefits to its members and the institution as a whole.


Learn, Share, Grow

“Learn, Share, Grow” is not just a tagline; it’s a way of life for ELC members. In every session, knowledge is gained, experiences are shared, and individual and collective growth are celebrated. The Library’s hallowed halls become a space for transformation. We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied, and it’s a principle that guides us in every session.

inclusivity and Accessibility: The use of the word “Learn” emphasizes the educational aspect, promoting an inclusive environment where members can acquire knowledge. This aligns with the club’s likely goal of fostering a learning community.

2. Collaboration and Community Building: The term “Share” implies collaboration and a sense of community. It suggests an environment where members actively contribute their knowledge and experiences, fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Collaboration requires communication and leadership which are the central points of ELC, BB.

3. Personal and Collective Development: The word “Grow” adds a forward-looking dimension to the slogan. It suggests not just individual learning but also personal and collective growth. This aligns well with the idea that the club aims to be a platform for continuous improvement.

The Mission Statement

The mission statement of the English Language Club, Bangladesh Bank-ELC, BB, is “We promote mutual learning environment where members are empowered to enhance communication and leadership skills for greater self-confidence and personal growth.” It is well-crafted and encapsulates the core objectives and values of the organization. Here’s an evaluation of the statement:

Clarity of Purpose: The mission statement clearly outlines the primary purpose of the English Language Club, which is to promote a mutual learning environment. This clarity is essential for both internal and external stakeholders to understand the club’s focus on creating a specific type of learning atmosphere.

Inclusivity and Empowerment: The use of the term “mutual learning environment” reflects the commitment to inclusivity and collaboration. It suggests that learning is a collective effort, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and knowledge exchange. Furthermore, the mission statement emphasizes the empowerment of members, indicating that the club is dedicated to fostering a sense of capability and confidence among its members.

Focus on Skill Development: The mission statement explicitly mentions the goal of enhancing communication and leadership skills. This focus on skill development indicates a practical approach to learning, highlighting the club’s commitment to providing tangible benefits to its members. The emphasis on both communication and leadership skills suggests a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

Emphasis on Self-Confidence and Personal Growth: The mission statement recognizes the significance of self-confidence and personal growth. By stating that members are empowered to enhance these aspects, the club positions itself as a platform not only for skill acquisition but also for broader individual development. This aligns with the understanding that effective communication and leadership are integral components of personal growth.

Alignment with Organizational Values: The mission statement appears to be in alignment with the values and objectives of a language club within a central bank setting. It acknowledges the importance of effective communication and leadership skills, which are essential in a professional and collaborative environment.

Potential Improvement: While the mission statement is comprehensive, it could benefit from a bit more specificity. For example, providing concrete examples of activities or programs that support the development of communication and leadership skills could offer a clearer picture of how the club intends to fulfill its mission.

In summary, the mission statement of the English Language Club, Bangladesh Bank-ELC, BB, effectively communicates its commitment to creating a collaborative learning environment focused on skill development, empowerment, and individual growth.


ELC at Bangladesh Bank is not just a club; it’s a catalyst for transformation. It empowers its members with the tools they need to excel in their careers, communicate effectively, and become lifelong learners. Every Monday, as we gather at the BB Library, we embark on a remarkable journey, and we invite you to join us on this path of growth and learning. Together, we’ll make each Monday a remarkable day.

Mondays have taken on a whole new meaning at the Library of Bangladesh Bank. It’s not just the beginning of another workweek; it’s a day filled with purpose, enthusiasm, and boundless opportunities. Why? Because it’s ELC’s run day, and each session is a captivating journey of learning, sharing, and growth.

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