Wedding Speech Order to Follow at Your Reception

Wedding Speech Order to Follow at Your Reception

The order of wedding speeches at your reception usually follows this sequence: father of the bride, groom, best man, and maid of honor or bridesmaids. Wedding receptions are a time of celebration and joy, and one of the highlights of the evening is the speeches.

These heartfelt or humorous speeches allow friends and family to toast the newlyweds and share in the love and happiness of the occasion. However, it’s important to follow a proper order to ensure the speeches flow smoothly and everyone gets their moment to shine.

We will guide you through the traditional wedding speech order, providing you with a clear understanding of when each speaker should take the floor. By following this order, you can ensure that the speeches are engaging, entertaining, and leave a lasting impression on all those in attendance. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Wedding Speech Order to Follow at Your Reception


1. Speech Order

When it comes to wedding receptions, one of the most anticipated moments is the speeches. It’s a time for loved ones to share heartfelt words, funny anecdotes, and raise a toast to the newlyweds. However, to ensure a smooth flow and maximum enjoyment for your guests, it’s important to follow a specific speech order. Here’s a breakdown of the traditional sequence to help you plan your reception.

Maid Of Honor Or Best Woman

The maid of honor or best woman usually kickstarts the speeches. This important role is typically assigned to the bride’s closest friend or family member. Their speech sets the tone for the evening, highlighting the bride’s qualities, their special bond, and perhaps some funny memories as well. It’s a sweet and sentimental way to begin the evening.

Best Man Or Maid Of Honor

Following the maid of honor, it’s the best man or maid of honor’s turn to take the stage. As a representation of the groom’s side, this speech usually contains humorous anecdotes, personal stories, and a heartfelt toast to the couple. The best man or maid of honor speech brings a touch of laughter and camaraderie to the reception.

Parents Of The Bride Or Groom

Next up are the parents of the bride or groom. This is a special moment for the parents to express their joy, gratitude, and well wishes for the couple. They may recount childhood memories, share advice for a successful marriage, and raise a toast to their children’s happiness.

Bride And Groom

The spotlight then shines on the bride and groom. This is their opportunity to thank their families, bridal party, and guests for their support and love. The couple’s speech often celebrates their journey together, highlights memorable moments, and shares their excitement for the future. It’s a chance for the newlyweds to express their deep gratitude and love.

Other Close Friends And Family

With the main speeches concluded, the floor is open for other close friends and family members who wish to say a few words. This can include siblings, grandparents, or close friends who have a special connection with the couple. These speeches add a personal touch to the reception and allow more loved ones to contribute to the celebration.


Finally, after all the heartfelt and funny speeches are done, it’s time for toasts. The guests raise their glasses in honor of the newlyweds, wishing them a lifetime of love, happiness, and success. These toasts bring the speeches to a delightful close, marking the transition to the celebratory and joyous part of the evening.

In conclusion, following a well-structured speech order at your wedding reception ensures a seamless flow of emotions, entertainment, and joy. From the maid of honor and best man to the parents, the bride and groom, and the additional friends and family, each speech holds a significant place in the celebration. By adhering to this traditional sequence, you can create an unforgettable evening filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Wedding Speech Order to Follow at Your Reception


Wedding Speech Order to Follow at Your Reception


Frequently Asked Questions On Wedding Speech Order To Follow At Your Reception

What Order Do The Speeches Go In At A Wedding?

Traditionally, the order of speeches at a wedding is as follows: first, the father of the bride speaks, followed by the groom’s speech, and then the best man’s. However, nowadays, there can be variations in the order or additional speeches by the maid of honor and other close family or friends.

Who Gives Speeches At A Wedding Reception?

Family members, friends, and sometimes the couple themselves give speeches at a wedding reception.

What Order Does The Wedding Party Enter The Reception?

The wedding party typically enters the reception in the following order: parents of the bride, parents of the groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, maid/matron of honor, best man, flower girl and ring bearer, and lastly, the newlyweds.


To ensure a smooth and memorable wedding reception, it is essential to follow the right order for wedding speeches. By adhering to this guide, you can create a magical atmosphere where heartfelt words are expressed at the perfect moment. Remember, starting with the traditional speeches, such as the father of the bride, followed by the groom and best man, leads to a seamless transition as the evening progresses.

So, plan ahead and let your loved ones share their love and well-wishes in a thoughtful and organized manner, leaving a lasting impression on your special day.

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