Build Your Brand on Intention-Myron Golden

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of business, one timeless truth stands strong: your brand is more than a logo or a tagline—it is the essence of your commitment and the legacy you leave behind. Myron Golden, a luminary in the world of business, encapsulates this ethos in a powerful statement: “I’m willing to do what it takes, pay what it costs, work as hard as I must, to give people the experience they pay for and more, because that’s the only way I can control the story that my name reminds people of.” This quote serves as a guiding beacon, urging entrepreneurs and businesses to build their brand on intention.

The Essence of Intention in Branding:

Building a brand is not just about creating a recognizable symbol; it’s about weaving a narrative that resonates with your audience. Intentionality in branding is the secret sauce that transforms a business into a legacy. It goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about crafting experiences and shaping perceptions.

Consider the story behind iconic brands like Apple or Nike. Their success is not merely due to superior products; it’s rooted in the intentionality behind every aspect of their brand—from product design to marketing strategies. By aligning every action with a clear purpose, they’ve created an emotional connection with their audience.

Beyond the Transaction: Creating Experiences:

In a world saturated with choices, consumers are not just buying products; they are investing in experiences. Building a brand on intention involves a commitment to delivering value beyond the transaction. Myron Golden‘s words echo the sentiment that the willingness to go the extra mile is the key to controlling the narrative surrounding your brand.

Customers remember experiences. It’s the extra touch, the attention to detail, and the genuine care that leave a lasting imprint. When a brand is built on the intention to provide exceptional value, it becomes synonymous with trust and reliability.

Controlling the Narrative:

In an era dominated by social media and instant communication, the narrative around your brand is no longer solely in your hands. However, by building your brand on intention, you gain a level of control over the story that unfolds. Myron Golden’s quote emphasizes the proactive stance needed to shape the narrative deliberately.

Intentionality in branding involves consistent messaging, a commitment to transparency, and an unwavering dedication to your brand’s core values. It’s not about perfection but about the genuine effort to learn, adapt, and grow. This authenticity resonates with customers and helps build a narrative that withstands challenges.

The Myron Golden Approach: Paying the Price for Success:

Myron Golden’s quote encapsulates the spirit of entrepreneurship—being willing to pay the price for success. Success is not handed out; it is earned through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Building a brand on intention requires entrepreneurs to be proactive in shaping their narrative, even if it means going the extra mile.

Paying the price involves investing time, energy, and resources into understanding your audience, refining your products or services, and constantly innovating. It’s about being willing to do whatever it takes to exceed customer expectations and build a brand that stands the test of time.


In a world where brands come and go, leaving a lasting legacy requires more than a clever marketing strategy. Myron Golden’s powerful quote serves as a call to action for entrepreneurs and businesses—to build their brand on intention. By committing to delivering exceptional experiences, controlling the narrative, and being willing to pay the price for success, you not only create a brand but a legacy that endures. In the tapestry of business, let intention be the thread that weaves a story of lasting impact and success.

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