Best Public Speaking Apps to Boost Your Communication Skills

Public speaking is an essential skill in today’s world, whether you’re presenting in a boardroom, addressing a large audience, or simply trying to improve your communication abilities. Luckily, technology has paved the way for innovative apps that can help you hone your public speaking skills right from your smartphone or virtual reality headset. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top public speaking apps that cover everything from preparation to delivery and even managing nerves.

Best Public Speaking Apps

While the thought of speaking in public might induce anxiety for many, the good news is that technology has paved the way for innovative tools that can help you enhance your public speaking skills and build your confidence. In this article, we’ll explore a range of top-notch public speaking apps that cover various aspects of the craft, from practice and feedback to language enhancement and pacing.

1. Preply: Your Personalized Speaking Tutor

Platform: Android, iOS

If you’re looking to improve your speaking skills in a specific language, Preply is an excellent choice. This app connects you with native speakers for one-on-one tutoring sessions. Whether you’re learning a new language or aiming to polish your communication skills in your native tongue, Preply offers personalized coaching that focuses on your unique needs. Practicing with native speakers not only helps you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation but also boosts your confidence when speaking with others.

2. Orai: AI-Powered Public Speaking Coach

Platform: Android, iOS

Orai utilizes artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback on your speeches. Through voice recognition technology, the app analyzes your pace, tone, energy, word choice, and more. It then offers coaching tips and exercises to help you overcome common public speaking challenges. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, a speech, or a sales pitch, Orai serves as your virtual speaking coach, guiding you toward more effective and confident communication.

3. Ummo: Banish Filler Words with Confidence

Platform: Android, iOS

Filler words like “um,” “ah,” and “like” can hinder the clarity and confidence of your speech. Ummo focuses on minimizing these verbal habits by tracking your use of filler words and providing feedback. Additionally, the app offers personalized tips, speech coaching, and the ability to record and analyze your speeches. By tackling filler words and improving speech clarity, Ummo helps you communicate with greater impact.

4. Impromptu Generator: Mastering On-the-Spot Speaking

Platform: Android, iOS

Impromptu speaking is a crucial skill, whether you’re participating in a debate, addressing a spontaneous question, or delivering an unexpected speech. Impromptu Generator generates random speech topics to help you think on your feet and articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely. By practicing with diverse prompts, you’ll develop the ability to adapt to various situations and communicate confidently even without extensive preparation.

5. PromptSmart Pro: Seamless Teleprompter Practice

Platform: Android, iOS

When delivering scripted speeches, using a teleprompter can help you maintain eye contact with your audience. PromptSmart Pro transforms your phone into a teleprompter, ensuring your speeches flow smoothly. The app’s voice recognition technology enables the script to scroll automatically as you speak, allowing you to maintain engagement with your listeners. Whether you’re practicing for a formal presentation or a video recording, PromptSmart Pro ensures your delivery is natural and engaging.

6. Speeko: Comprehensive Speech Analysis

Platform: iOS

Speeko offers a wide range of activities to help you conquer your fear of public speaking. With a vast library of exercises, you can practice delivering different types of speeches and receive feedback on pacing, intonation, articulation, and filler words. Additionally, the app provides vocal warm-up exercises and prompts for various speaking scenarios. Through regular practice with Speeko, you can boost your confidence and enhance your speaking skills.

7. Memrise: Enhance Vocabulary and Language Skills

Platform: Android, iOS

A rich vocabulary is essential for delivering impactful speeches. Memrise offers language courses and AI-powered tutoring to help you expand your vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and enhance your language skills. By practicing vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in an interactive way, you’ll gain the tools to communicate effectively and eloquently in a variety of contexts.

8. Activate Your Voice: Develop a Strong Speaking Voice

Platform: iOS

A clear and authoritative speaking voice captivates your audience. Activate Your Voice offers warm-up exercises to improve articulation, pitch, and pronunciation. The app features speech recognition, allowing you to record and rehearse your delivery while receiving feedback on your performance. Whether you’re aiming for a commanding presence or refining your vocal nuances, this app is designed to help you speak with confidence.

9. Speechify’s Speaking Time Calculator: Mastering Time Management

Platform: Web-based

Timing is crucial in public speaking to keep your audience engaged and ensure you cover all key points. Speechify’s Speaking Time Calculator assists you in optimizing your speech length. Input your text and the app calculates how long it takes to speak it at the average reading speed. Adjust the speaking rate to find the ideal pace for your speech, helping you confidently manage your allotted time.

10. Toastmasters: Collaborative Skill Enhancement

Platform: Android, iOS

Toastmasters is a renowned educational club dedicated to improving public speaking and leadership skills. The Toastmasters app provides a platform for members to engage, share insights, and provide feedback on speeches. It includes tools such as a timer and ah-counter to monitor speech duration and reduce filler words. Toastmasters’ collaborative environment helps you refine your speaking abilities through constructive feedback and ongoing practice.

11. VirtualSpeech: Immersive Public Speaking Training

Platform: Mobile, VR headsets

VirtualSpeech takes public speaking practice to the next level by offering immersive virtual reality (VR) environments for training. This app provides photo-realistic settings complete with realistic audiences and distractions. Users can upload their own presentations and receive feedback on their delivery, body language, and more. By practicing in diverse virtual scenarios, you can enhance your comfort level, simulate real-life speaking situations, and fine-tune your presentation skills.

12. LikeSo: Eliminate Verbal Habits and Filler Words

Platform: iOS

LikeSo focuses on helping you eliminate common verbal habits and filler words from your speech. Through voice recognition technology, the app identifies and tracks the use of words like “like,” “so,” and other fillers. It provides real-time analysis and feedback, helping you become more aware of your speaking patterns. By practicing with LikeSo, you can reduce these distractions and speak more articulately and confidently.

13. Voice Analyst: Enhance Voice Quality and Pitch

Platform: Android, iOS

Voice Analyst is a comprehensive app designed to analyze and improve the quality of your voice. It records your speech and provides immediate visual and acoustic feedback on pitch, volume, and other vocal characteristics. The app offers insights into areas where you can work on your voice quality, making it valuable for singers, actors, and public speakers. By understanding your voice better, you can deliver speeches with greater clarity and impact.

14. Samsung BeFearless: Virtual Reality Self-Training

Platform: Gear VR

Samsung BeFearless is a self-training VR app that uses scientific and medically proven criteria to help you conquer public speaking fears. With various settings and topics, the app offers a realistic practice environment. By advancing through levels and topics, you build confidence in a VR space before facing real audiences. Samsung BeFearless provides a unique way to overcome speaking anxiety and refine your skills in a controlled virtual setting.

15. The Art of Public Speaking: Tips and Audiobook

Platform: Android

The Art of Public Speaking app is a comprehensive resource that includes training tips, inspirational quotes, and audio samples of speeches. It also features the full audiobook of “The Art of Public Speaking” by Dale Carnegie, a classic guide to effective communication. By exploring the app’s content, you can learn timeless techniques and gain insights from experienced speakers, helping you develop your own public speaking prowess.

16. Speech Blubs: Enhance Pronunciation and Expression

Platform: Android, iOS

Speech Blubs is an interactive app designed to enhance speech and language development. While particularly beneficial for children, it can also help adult learners improve pronunciation and expression. The app offers a range of exercises and games that focus on mimicking sounds, words, and sentences. By engaging with Speech Blubs, you can refine your speech clarity and fluency in a fun and engaging way.

17. Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos: Prepare Your Voice

Platform: iOS

Vocal Warm Up is an app originally designed for singers but can benefit public speakers as well. It offers a series of vocal exercises to warm up and prepare your voice before speaking engagements. The exercises focus on breathing, articulation, and pitch control. By incorporating these warm-up routines into your routine, you can ensure that your voice is ready for optimal performance, preventing strain and enhancing your speaking delivery.

18. Talkapella: Enhance Voice Modulation

Platform: iOS

Talkapella focuses on voice modulation and control, which are crucial for maintaining listener engagement. The app offers a range of voice exercises that help you explore different pitch levels, tones, and inflections. By practicing with Talkapella, you can add variety and dynamism to your speaking style, making your presentations more captivating and memorable.

19. Speak English Clearly: Improve Pronunciation

Platform: Android, iOS

If English is not your first language, Speak English Clearly can be a valuable asset. This app focuses on improving English pronunciation through a variety of exercises. It covers consonants, vowels, word stress, and intonation. By working on your pronunciation, you can ensure that your speech is easily understood by your audience, boosting your overall speaking effectiveness.

20. Public Speaking VR: Realistic Training Environments

Platform: VR headsets

Public Speaking VR offers another immersive virtual reality experience for public speaking practice. This app provides realistic environments, complete with audiences and scenarios. It allows you to practice your speeches and presentations in a simulated environment, helping you overcome nervousness and gain confidence. By rehearsing in different VR settings, you can refine your performance and prepare for a variety of speaking situations.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Public Speaking Journey

In today’s digital age, a plethora of apps are available to support your public speaking journey. Whether you’re looking to conquer speaking anxiety, improve speech clarity, enhance vocabulary, or practice in immersive VR environments, there’s an app tailored to your needs. Embrace these tools to build your confidence, refine your skills, and captivate your audience with compelling speeches and presentations. As you consistently use these apps, you’ll notice a transformation in your ability to communicate effectively and confidently in any setting. So, download these apps, embark on your journey, and watch your public speaking prowess soar to new heights.

Embrace the power of technology to transform your communication abilities and confidently deliver your message to the world. Remember, practice and consistent effort with these apps can lead to remarkable improvements in your public speaking journey.

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